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Positive User Experience


Retain Users & Boost Enagagement

An amazing user experience on your site is our ultimate goal. We will deliver the most engaging content, which is based on the users' interests and desires.

Superior Revenue Generation

You have full control over what is shown the user. The balance between paid advertising and your own internal content is up to you. We can work with you to figure out the best balance between user experience and revenue generation. Our advertiser marketplace is one of the most competitive in the industry, giving you access to leading CPMs.

Customizable Content Units

Content units are 100% customizable based on your CMS. The colors, fonts, size, and number of sponsored stories (if any) are all decided by you. We can work with units that contain images & text or text only.

Full Video Support

Our content recommendation fully supports both publisher videos and advertiser's sponsored videos.
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Simplicity by Design

You have full control of all customization. We provide advanced analytics and reporting. Our enterprise level technology is trusted by the largest publishers on the Internet including several comScore top 50 web properties.